Is there a Bootable AntiVirus and Anti Spyware Program that.....?

I’m looking at Avast’s Bootable Barts CD antivrus product that there is anymore like this program thats possibly free?? or if not can you creeate your own with other (anti) programs?

thanks -cg

There are numerous boot cds containing antivirus/spyware utilities,based on BartPE and Linux.

Ultimate Boot cd for Windows requires a bit of effort to create,but it’s free and full instructions are available on the site.It contains various scanners along with many other useful tools for system repair.For those that like a familiar Windows interface it’s probably the best option.

As far as I am aware, there aren’t any other boot-time virus scanners, not in the regular free ones anyway or any of the mainstream antiviruses and certainly not any others compatible with modern machines. I think there was an old escan antivirus that might have done boot scanning of viruses but if they’re not even in the av-comparatives or Virus Bulletin List then they aren’t reputable.

If you’re looking at a standalone scanner similar to the Avast one then there aren’t any that are free (legitimately anyway).I think that you can get a ClamAV boot disk but it isn’t the most effective of scanners.

Avast Store | Browse Products, Check Prices, Buy Now << I’m using the trial i only need it for couple days so that good…


Yes Avast is a very capable antivirus scanner.I didn’t realise they offered the Bart cd as a trial,I wonder how the trial status is enforced :THNK

its about 15 day Time limit thing and just fill out a reg form

Thanks,I’ll have a look into that one :■■■■