Is There A Blocking Option For The WOT Extension For Chromium Based Browsers?

Hello !ot! ,

I have a simple question/questions, I know that I am getting Old, but I noticed that the WOT (Web Of Trust) Extension for Chromium Based Browsers seems to be missing the Blocking Behavior Option/Settings that is available in the Warnings Category in the WOT for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

It is the option that allows WOT to automatically Block a page, instead of just giving a Warning; which is one of my favorite features of WOT. :wink:

  1. Are my eyes getting worse than they already are? :smiley:

  2. Am I doing something wrong? :smiley:

  3. Or is that Option/Setting/Feature just not available yet in the WOT Extension for Chromium Based Browsers like Comodo Dragon and Google Chrome? :smiley:

And Yes, I have also posted this question at the WOT forum, as well (still waiting on a reply). :wink:

And Yes, I know that WOT currently does not work Properly in Comodo Dragon, Yet. :wink:

But this Setting/Option/Feature seems to be missing in Google Chrome too. :wink:

I have attached two screenshots showing what I am talking about, one for Comodo Dragon and one for Firefox. :wink:

Thank you,
-John Jr :slight_smile:

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Well I found out that my vision may not be getting worse, either way according to the WOT Forum; the Blocking Behavior Option is not available for Chromium Based Browsers yet, but I do hope they get it soon. :slight_smile:

The question is now answered. :wink: