Is the "Show Traffic" (element) missing in version 6?

I was about to say, well done. Many nice features. But i had this strange feeling that something essential was missing.
Then i got it. The most important feature of a firewall userinterface is gone.
We have no idea what is using the internet!

The list is very important. It often saved me from forgetting to close some ports, disable some services etc.

Am i blind, or is it actually missing?

Who thought it would be a good idea?

it was removed since killswitch has that feature

I would have expected:
“Is it missing in killswitch?”
“It was removed since the firewall has that feature”

The reality does not make sense :smiley:

So where’s it? That was pretty useful part.

in killswitch, watch activity under advanced tasks

Advanced tasks->Watch activity.

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It can not be repeated too often:

There is a surprisingly hidden function to put usefull buttons (with rightclick) into the userinterface taskbar.
Very usefull and necessary function!

But the traffic meter should return to the main window, of course. I can not count how often things got detected because they were easy to monitor. Lots of bugs, lots of events.
Like the sandbox that sent files when it was new… It sent a pdf file :o . Or the countless cmdagent access attempts when there was a bug.

Really, we need that traffic meter back.

the present GUI iis horrible and show traffic is one feature i would i like to see that is missing…and that kill switch is not downloading… wtf is happening ??

why is that Kill switch not included in the install. Comodo includes the the comodo browser , geek buddy but does not adds this KILL SWITCH. and it says “requiredment of additional packages”

With that traffic monitor i would have discovered way earlier that something is wrong with the new version.
I will be very carefull with using a firewall without an easy monitor in the future.

All back to 5.10 here.

i am not happy with CIS 6 but i will use this cis 6 for another day or two… we all know CIS is free but why does Comodo need to ruin the pretty nice gui of CIS 5… can we have the older gui back in CIS 6?

It is all true! CF 6 - Network Traffic window is more than 4 clicks away and you should install a creature called Kill Switch first. (Did you hire a former gamer to invent the names and the GUI?) WTF Comodo? You can add a browser and geekbuddy but cannot add a trafic window? And this Kill Switch window, what is it? Task manager on steroids with an ugly GUI? You should write a book how to use it - it is not self-explanatory, clean & simple as CF 5. Not to mention blue screens on Windows 7 caused by CF 6!
CF 5 - Network Traffic window is 2 clicks away and everything running smoothly and on purpose! Have you recently fired all the guys who created CF 5?
No way using this thing. I really liked your firewall a lot but this… this is ■■■■■■■ now. Registered just to inform you. Good luck.


Hi UqxWPsMpYF,

Not true, unless tweaking the GUI is a bit difficult.
The Watch activity icon can be conveniently placed on the task-bar of CIS, it doesn’t have to stay four clicks away.

And this Kill Switch window, what is it? Task manager on steroids with an ugly GUI? You should write a book how to use it - it is not self-explanatory
[url=]Already published.[/url]
Not to mention blue screens on Windows 7 caused by CF 6!
What blue screens are you experiencing, we may be able to help. ;)

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thank you

Can you guys add back the show each process network utilization? It’s very handy to track program which guzzle majority of my bandwidth.


I think it would be a nice idea to put three elements back ,
1] Active connection
2] firewall and dense+ log
3] current mode and change mode setting [ i don’t know what to call it just see image ]

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