Is the separate Cloud scanner and CIS Cloud scanner same?

I wonder if the separate installable Cloud scanner and CIS Cloud scanner basically do the same work? Even if the AV-part of CIS is not installe. SO if I have the option enabled in CIS I don’t have to separately install the Comodo Cloud scanner?

I am not understanding your question

could you verify if i have your issue right:
“You have CIS Installed; and you wondering if you need to install Cloud Scanner? and also you are wondering if the AV in CIS has the same features as cloud scanner has?”
Is that correct?

If So;

The CIS Antivirus does the same thing and More! than the cloud scanner; You don’t need to install/download the cloudscanner if you have CIS installed…

Hope this helps


Actually I don’t mean the cloud part in Antivirus. In the Defenxe+ there is an option to verify files in the cloud and it seems to find and block malware files too. I wonder if the separate Cloud scanner has much more to give.
I tried to install it but the only thing I got after installation was Comodo live support application installed and it gave me constant errors about font size (I use modified DPI setting). So i never got change to test the Cloud AV myself.

Automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud – Selecting this option will automatically submit unrecognized files to our File Lookup Server to check whether or not they are on the master Comodo white list or black-list (White list = files that are known to be safe. Black list = files that are known to be malware) and the files are rated accordingly. The important features of the cloud based scanning are:

Cloud based Whitelisting: Safe files and trusted vendors and trusted publishers can be easily identified;

Cloud based Antivirus: Malicious files can be detected even if the users do not have an up-to-date local antivirus database or a local antivirus database at all;

Cloud Based Behavior Analysis: Zero-day malware can be instantly detected by Comodo’s cloud based behavior analysis system, CIMA.

The cloud scanning, complemented by automatic sandboxing and application isolation technologies, is very extremely fast and powerful in preventing PC infection even without a traditional antivirus signature database while keeping the user interaction at minimal levels.
Comodo recommends users leave this setting enabled.

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Basically; It sends the file to Comodo to be scanned while doing so; it will sandbox/set restrictions to the file until the results come back.

I would not install Cloud scanner because of this… but if you want to be extra cautious then go ahead and download :slight_smile:

Hope this helps