Is the Defense+ part of firewall a good substitute for BOClean and CMF?

It seems to me that the Defense+ system takes over most of the same features of BOClean and comodo memory firewall. Is there really a need for BOClean and CMF if using Defense+?

Also I kind of find Defense+ really irratating and am considering disabling it all together, is it essentially going to be like CFP 2 with defense+ disabled?

Defense+ does not, as far as I know, protect from BO attacks - which CMF does. It’s also important to point out that D+ and BOClean have different tasks. With D+ you can make sure that nothing malicious is executed without your awareness. However, if you allow something to execute (like a post card or whatever you’ve downloaded), and it turns out to be malicious - D+ won’t help you but hopefully BOClean will catch it!

To be secure, you should have several layers of protection. Defense+ is just one layer (prevention).


NO, Boclean and CMF have to be seen as supplements of the CFP 3.0 because their using detection technology and CFP 3.0 is a prevention solution. (correct me if I am wrong, you could see CMF as prevention…)

As for the quesion if CFP 3.0 with defense + disabeled it will give you similar protection that version 2 gives, but than you have to activate leak protection by setting the firewall to network security.

I hope this clears out a lot for you!

Have a nice day!

“you have to activate leak protection by setting the firewall to network security” Wherte do I do this?

Yes, Miscellaneous → My Configurations → Select your configuration: grayed out is what is active, select network security.