is the DB stored in memory or temp directory while working?

I put my database on USB device. But the i-vault keeping work even the usb device is pulled out!!!
It’s a bit insecure feeling.


Did you only copy the files to the USB device? If so you must delete the actual i-Vault files on your computer that way the only files are on your USB drive. If you deleted the files then i-Vault should not be able to open the files because they do not exist.

Put a .txt file on your USB thumb drive. Open it in Notepad. Does the window showing you editing the file disappear when you yank the thumb drive out of the USB port? No. Why? Because the program loads a copy of the file that it is editing. That’s how file handle and buffers work. That’s how most application edit files. When you want to save (on exit) the file that you are editing, you’ll have to save somewhere else or reinsert the thumb drive into the USB port. If a program directly edited a file on the drive, it would run afoul of the file system unless the product used its own installable file system. Directly manipulating the contents of sectors on a drive is what the OS is supposed to do through the file system.

As to whether the copy of the file in memory is encrypted or not is something you might try to figure out with memory probe software (i.e., scans memory). If not encrypted, pieces of the file could be in the pagefile although at 4K chunks only and it takes forensic software to dig it out and put back together, but it can be done. I doubt the memory copy is encrypted. Probably just the static file copy is encrypted.

It’s a password manager not a text editor

And it’s OK to work in memory but I expect that after plug-out of USB device with my DB - i-vault will identify this action and cleanup the memory immediately

And yes - the DB is on USB only no copy on HD (after exit and new entry to I-vault - it cannot find the DB so on exit the memory is going due a cleanup process)