Is the cloud and signatures even working in v5?

Ok so i am not the only person that has a problem with the detection. It seems the cloud av and regular av is down or not updateing like it should. Maybe something is wrong and needs to be investigated their are reports all over this forum that the cloud and av are not detecting as efficient as it should.

Please comodo we need answers to this.

I am not surprised that the signatures detection in decline again, because i think comodo av team just has no time to add signatures as quick as needed. When i tried CIS 4.1, for the first time, 2 months ago it was really better than now. I really thought that COMODO began to pay more attention to AV and started to improve it. But now its detection level in decline again, so i hoped that Cloud technology in CIS 5.0 would improve the situation but trying CIS 5.0 i had a feeling that cloud detection didn’t work

how embarrassing is that lol. :frowning:

There are already two other topics about this.