Is that true?

Today I’m using the Free version of CIS, but I found some webs that say the Free version of CIS doesn´t clean malware.

Is that true?. I need to know

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no its not true. the free version of CIS doesnt have any limitations the only difference is the paid versions have a couple of extra services like trustconnect and geekbuddy

Don’t believe everything you read :slight_smile:

AFAIK both freebie and payed CIS don’t clean infected files, just removes them. Most AV’s can desinfect files.

Where did you read this?

CIS cleaning capabilities may not be great but they surely exist.

If you are worried about security:
When your computer got infected,
something was wrong.

I dont install any security for primary “would clean my computer”. It could clean anyway just those files, which it knows.
Dont like the thought, “i could have an undetected keylogger on my computer, but for sure it COULD be cleaned one day when my antivirus will have a definition.”

IF, reapeat IF, your computer gets infected, you could use your parallel installed free version of a reputated “non guard” antivirus, which is destined to clean up cause it lacks default deny.
Some free versions dont include a guard. Thats good in this case.
Emsisoft a-squared free
Are good examples, and good on their own.

I wrote this even though i dont use comodo antivirus. My decision was based on general performance (old computer).