Is that a "support" feedback ?

One month ago, I submitted a support ticket about the “file submission issue via CIS” which seem to be still unfixed (according to latest feedback from this forum)…

I got a reply yesterday (after one month please) :

And I’m going to share the reply I got with the ticket I sent them :

What I sent :


I am spywar from Comodo forums.

I’d like to inform the staff that the file submission option via CIS (manual file submission) is not working at all for almost a year now.

This is a critical issue IMO as you would miss a lot of incoming samples from users.

Thanks very much and BTW the new support site is quite great.

And that is the reply I got from the staff

Dear Customer:

Thank you for contacting COMODO. Comodo takes pride in maintaining the most accurate and up-to-date database of viruses and malware. User submitted files are a very important element in helping us to maintain this accuracy.

Please visit us at Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis

There are two ways to submit files (up to 10MB) to COMODO for analysis.

  1. Send a file to Comodo that you suspect is a False Positive. This occurs when you suspect a Comodo application has incorrectly identified a legitimate file as a virus or harmful file. If your file is confirmed as a false positive then we will remove it from the antivirus database.

  2. Send a file to Comodo that you suspect is a Virus, Trojan or other type of malware. After sending the file to us, our emergency response team will determine whether it contains harmful code. If so it will be added to the Comodo Antivirus database in the next round of updates.

We also offer additional ways for customers to receive back information about suspicious files. If you have a Portable Executable (PE) file (.exe, .dll, .sys etc.) that you would like to be analyzed, please submit online through the following link Once the file is submitted, COMODO Automated Analysis System will scan it and report back its findings.

Customers can also scan a URL or webpage for free to find out whether it is malicious or not. This can be done through our Site Inspector website at To start, simply enter the URL of a webpage in the space above and click ‘START THE SCAN.’ After the scan is complete, you will be able to view a malware report.

If you have any further questions or comments regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us.

Yours in service,

GeekBuddy Support Team

Is that the expected answer ? Isn’t it more a generic answer ?

This isn’t the first time I get such reply either from them or from anyone else from COMODO…Why can’t we have the same communication between staff/users (and customers) just like other companies ? (at least most of them that provide widespread antivirus/antimalware solution).

Also, why so much silence in the Valkyrie thread ? Please look at how Melih/Fanny and everyone were exited about it, its future, a possible new Comodo Cloud Anitivirus…but that was in 2011 right ? Why don’t I get any reply from Igor ? Also, don’t tell me that he is busy so he can’t reply 1 min to a little mail…thanks.

So I submitted the file submission bug the 6th June 2013 and seems still unfixed,


So now, do you have anything to say ?

The answer has nothing to do with the non-working internal submission system.

You are totally right :-TU And I believe that you are a real Comodo lover. But Comodo does not love itself like you.
Users spend their valuable times in the forum to make Comodo (for me CIS) better!
Refreshing the whole system takes less time than the fixing it :-TD

:o If stuff evolve in this direction… :-TD :-TD :-TD

that is why i stopped using cis because of many reasons behind it. i can not accept those faults in a security suite.

spywar is right.
There are numerous attempts to get a response on these issues and a generic answer of this type is nothing interesting and it does not solve this issue.

I hope we can have a more specific answer and a solution.

Yes indeed, something need to change here(@ Melih), because some user actually invest time in helping comodo to improve their products.
Well sometime this type of non-communication makes you leave that product. :frowning:

I’m sure Comodo doesn’t expect EVERY one of their users to come to the form to submit files…That’s NOT going to ever happen.

I agree. :-TU
I think… they don’t listen Comodo user’s suggestions. (anymore) :frowning:
I told them make the ‘Default setting button’ and fix the ‘Overlap file-properties/comodo popup’.
But, they never fix and make those. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Guys

I agree that was not a particularly helpful email by Geekbuddy. It talks more about work-arounds than solutions. Hopefully Melih will talk to them as a result of this topic.

Regarding the file submission error, this is indeed a deeply frustrating situation. Let me see if I can help.

It’s possible that this is receiving no further attention because it has incorrectly been marked as fixed in Comodo’s bug tracking system and thus in the mods mod’s tracker. I was unsure it was fixed and so posted a query about the current situation a while ago.

Spywar I wonder if you would be kind enough to update the tracker directly (ie your bug report M471) with a summary of the latest situation as you see it? If you do this today I will re-open it or create a different issue report, and there is a good chance it will be processed at the end of this week.

Just to help you understand I think there were multiple bugs here, some of which have been fixed. As I understand it there was a CIS code bug, which was fixed, then a header-dependent server bug, which was fixed, and now maybe there remains a server load dependent issue. But Spwar, who has done excellent work with the devs on this issue, knows the history better than I and so hopefully can fill you in more accurately.

Hopefully this will help a bit.

Best wishes


Thx mouse1 for your implication. Hopefully this particularly problem will get the proper attentions, because we all love CIS and we want a solid and stable product, like old 5 version.

Agreed. :slight_smile:

OK Mike, I’m going to reinstall CFW and try it out again. Problem is that they don’t communicate / ask for more info…We don’t even know if they work on it. Let’s see.

Don’t ever lose your hope.


Thanks Spywar. I will do my best to ensure you get feedback as I am in regular contact with QA by IM. If you are concerned about lack of feedback please PM and I will add the issue to the discussion list for the next conversation, which usually occur every 1-2 weeks.

Thanks everyone else too for your feedback. It will help if you would be kind enough to report your experience in as much detail as possible into the forum topic here:

[at]Spywar. If people do this would you mind summarizing into the tracker (not copying, just summarizing the current situation)?

I will lock this now if that’s OK as there is a danger of confusion by splitting information across two topics.
Best wishes


OK I have unlocked this by popular request as its more general than just Bug 471.

However could people please post anything specific to bug 471 in the bug report please? (We now know it is not fixed :slight_smile: )

Finally an official answer about the backend issues :slight_smile:

We are working on this issue, it should be fixed very soon.

Also we are redesigning our hardware infrastructure in order to avoid this issues in future.

Thank you very much for reporting.


Great news :-TU

did this come from idem?

Nice :slight_smile: Thx for confirming this :-TU