Is sfi.dat still being used by CAV?

For a long time the sfi.dat file prevented the optimization routine of Auslogics Disk Defrag from fully compacting files and removing free space gaps. The file was highly fragmented and all the fragments were being flagged as immovable files so could not be defragged. This put roadblocks in about 40 places on the drive preventing Auslogics from fully compacting the drive. I ran the defragger in Safe Mode and it did defrag sfi.dat. Now the file does not show as immovable and also never shows as being fragmented and never changes size. Auslogics also is now able to fully compact my files. I’m wondering if maybe CAV no longer uses this file. I turned off system restore on this machine because it couldn’t restore any backups due to the existence of sfi.dat.

I’d like to know if this file is no longer being used by CAV because then I would feel good about turning system restore back on.

I don’t know the answer, but would hope that if the file is no longer used it would be removed from our machines…