is scanner throttling possible?


The default scheduled scan (weekly, sunday - no cloud, no heuristics, files smaller than 20MB) causes my CPU to overheat (my hardware monitor alerts me at cpu >= 68degC for longer than 1min) (there’s over 3TB to scan - the overheat doesn’t happen quick, cools down almost immediately when paused, and doesnt need to be paused more than once or twice per scan)

I’ve replaced the thermal gel and have an aircon running and have over 8 fans in my box…
EDIT the cpu is not overclocked

Is there anyway to throttle the scan to prevent this?
Will some kind of throttle be implemented at some point?
Is there a throttle plug-in?

There is no throttle plug in or possibility to throttle.

On a side note. Sometimes having many fans becomes counterproductive where fans are cancelling out each others effects. My system is cooled but the cooling is tight; when room temps in the summer go over 30 C I need to open the case. But the CPU never gets that warm when scanning with case closed with room temps under 30 C.

Try disabling some fans and see what happens. Consider asking for advice on a tech forum with a photo of your system.