Is Sandboxie compatible with Comodo Internet Security 6 BETA?

Hi guys. When I installed CIS 6 BETA, Sandboxie would not work. When I tried sandboxing Chrome I could not use the internet. As soon as I used a non sandboxed web browser it worked fine. Can you not use CIS 6 BETA with Sandboxie or is this just a bug? Thanks for any advice.

I dont think you can sandbox a sandbox…

CIS has its own sandbox

Ok. I was just wondering if I could still use Sandboxie. CIS 6 Beta sandbox seems like it does well. My favorite part is the Kiosk.

You can but it causes BSOD. Tried that once avast! autosandbox vs. avast! sandbox ;D

If I have D+ set to BLOCK I can use it in the sandbox no problem. I have been using CIS with Sandboxie with no problem, CIS 6 BETA I have had no problem minus having to scan the sandbox once in a blue moon to remove malware in there. After that it deletes the sandbox A OK.

Ok cheater87. For me sandboxie would open a web browser but I could not surf the internet while using a browser sandboxed by Sandboxie. Thanks for the information.

Comodo and sandboxie run fine.
You should not sandbox sandboxie i guess :wink:

I have the exact problem as yours with sandboxie 3.76 and CFW 2974!
I did everything I can, including disable CFW, it just won’t work
I guess there’s something wrong at the driver level…

On xp all seems to be fine. Make sure that sandboxie is not sandboxed by something else.

Hi Cagalla. I think Sandboxie 3.76 and CIS 6 conflict because they sandbox programs in a similar way. Maybe the drivers conflict? Either way the sandbox in CIS 6 final works very well. I think I do not need sandboxie anymore. I am glad I was not the only one who did not have this problem.

Comodo Firewall 6 and Sandboxie 3.76 on win 7 premium 32 bit for me doesn’t work. I’ve placed a ticket on sandboxie forum. When I try and run firefox or chrome sandboxed with sandboxie, the browser just hangs at the home page. I’m hoping that ronen can see if there is conflict and fix it. I would much rather have sandboxie than Comodo’s sandbox. I know that saying that on this forum is frowned upon. Sandboxie is more configurable and has greater restrictions than comodo’s.

same prob here sandboxie works but no internet connectivity

I think Sandboxie does not work with CIS 6 because they have a similar sandbox. I have not tried Sandboxie with the final release of CIS 6. I remember that someone on the Comodo Forum said that for them Sandboxie worked fine with CIS 6. Hope this helps.