Is Panda Cloud antivirus free better than Comodo antivirus?

Anyone can answer me whether Panda Cloud antivirus free is better than Comodo antivirus? I just want to compare them from the aspect of antivirus.

Both are prone to CPU usage ‘spikes’ at times. Both will detect more FPs than is desirable.
If by “better” you mean which AV is more accurate at detecting malware in real-time, I would say Panda is the winner.

Panda detects more viruses than comodo …

Since it is cloud based it needs an active internet connection…

Thank you very much for your willingness to reply my silly question

This question ain’t any ‘silly’. I’m really intrigued to learn which is the best.

Actually PCA will work with only periodic internet access. It has a resident scanner and virus defs like an “ordinary” antivirus and will synch and scan when it can.

The only thing I can say that in PCA forums its users don’t look unhappy.

Hi Solarlynx. !ot! Comodo has a lot of happy users, but the Member/user list is large so we will see a mixture. Kind regards.

Hi captainsticks!
I can’t agree that my previous message is off topic. Discussion of any related to Panda Cloud Antivirus issue is rather on topic here. :slight_smile:
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Hi Solarlynx. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I was pointing out that my post was OT about the large user base we have not your post. :slight_smile:


This question can only be answered if you define what the definition of “better” is.

some ideas…

1)ability to stop infection
2)ability to clean an existing infection
3)speed of scan
4)cpu load
5)ram load
7)other preferences…

what is the MOST important thing you care about an “anti virus” …you have to identify first…



I tried PCA, so I would say from my small piece of experience, I really haven’t done any measurements:
What is Better
1)ability to stop infection CIS (I’m afraid PCA doesn’t have real protection)
2)ability to clean an existing infection ?
3)speed of scan PCA
4)cpu load both a very light
5)ram load ?
6)usability PCA - very simple
7)GUI PCA (very nice)
It’s just my individual experience. I ain’t any tech in IT.

and which task is the most important?
First, obviously.

Tested PCA recently side-by-side with avast. Deep freeze.
I know there are users that report the opposite. Again, the always present rule: do not run two residents at a time.
Immunet seems to run easily with avast.

I was thinking KillSwitch, if it has DACS incorporated, could be an excellent cloud scanner. But, right now, it does not offer DACS :cry:

Anyway that’s live experience - that’s matters.

So the ‘deep freeze’ happens because two AVs can’t get along with each other and they are not supposed to.

Yes, but don’t forget about the ‘Hide Safe Processes’ button - it’s really cloud thing - it analyses unknown processes in the Comodo’s servers. That’s a great option. :-TU

You’re right, great feature. But… the detection rate of Comodo only needs a great improvement… DACS would be much more effective I think. It would be almost an on access virus total. Don’t you think?

Sure, it would be great beyond any doubt. :slight_smile: