Is Paid products better than Free products?

Some people ask, isn’t a paid for product better than the free one?

The answer is: It depends on if giving free makes them money or not ;)!

So lets analyse:

A company that charges for its product: They have a paid for product and they charge the customer directly. So do they have the incentive to keep their development team going and building the product and keeping it current… Of course they do, cos they are making money from this initiative.

A company that does NOT charge for its product: The question is: Does this company have the incentive/motivation to keep its development of free products going? The answer is simple… if that makes them money of course they will.

Some companies have an initial investment when they start their company and they invest that money in giving free products to prime the market and then turn into paid products once they built enough momentum.

And there is a single company (Comodo) who has built a business model combining forever free security model in such a way that giving products free makes Comodo money at many other level! So does Comodo have the incentive to continue giving its security product for free and even further improve it? Of course we do! We make money from giving a top notch security product free! We make money by getting brand awareness so that our other businesses (Like Digital certificates) benefit from it… we make money by selling our End Point Security Manager to enterprises, we make money by our users buying Trustconnect…we make money by our users buying online backup… we make money by users buying LivePCSupport and so on…

So its a unique business model whereby giving Free Security Product we make money! This benefits the end user, Comodo and the whole of Internet community including businesses who rely on Internet for their business because now they have a safer internet and more people will feel confident to interact. That’s the innovation Comodo brings to table, not only we innovate at technology but also at business model level.

So is paid product better than Free? It depends on the company motivation!


Very good points but some people may feel that a paid product is better if it is easier for them to use. Paid is no longer automatically better as Comodo has proven but a lot of people may still prefer what is easiest for them to utilize.

I use many Programs. But the only Programs I pay money for are:

  • Pamela (for ‘Skype’). (I have to Record Calls because of my Brain Memory.)
  • Operating Systems (XP, Vista, etc…).

That’s it…

I do not use ‘Cracked Software, Keygens or Serials’!

Every other Program I use is FREE or Open Source!

If you pay for a Program, the chances of there being a better Program, for FREE, are quite high!

Search for a FREE alternative, NOW! ;D :-TU

I hope Melih read this thread very much.

Someone saying (or lying) about paid product that’s worse and make local user feeling safe.

True a lot of people just feel that if they pay for something then its better and if its free that its junk its a stigma that should be changed