IS on Server 2008 :"This feature is disabled in Remote Administration Mode."

I am new to Comodo. Doing some testing in the lab before putting it into production.

I just downloaded COMODO Internet Security (freebie 5 user version) and ran into a brick wall. Most of the features are disabled and every time I try to fire them up, I keep getting “This feature is disabled in Remote Administration Mode.” . Google’d and searched the forums and found no direction.

Any useful assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Are you using remote desktop? Have you tried to log in directly onto the 2008 server?


My bad. I neglected to mention that Server 2008 x32 is a VMWare client. There is no direct anything. I tried GoToAssist Express as well as the VMWare web browser option and neither worked.

If I can’t get this to work in a test environment, COMODO products are a non starter.