Is MY System is Hacked

every One I am new user of this software

I see the log
in which i see the following message
Description Inbound Policy Violation (access denied, IP=, port=nbdgram(138))
Protocol UDP Incoming
Reason: Network Control Rule ID = 5

Well i am using internet through cable my ip is also some what in same local domain

Now I want to know weather these guys are trying to hack my systems
or it is normal because i saw in logs of other ips or etc

second what is Network Control Rule ID=5
what is this NBDGRAM

I know the question are so many but i hope you will answer all my question…
which is detected my another application

Details Attempted Intrusion “Portscan” against your machine was detected and blocked
Intruder : (domain(53))
Risk Level: Medium
protocol: UDP
Attacked Ip:
attacked port 1906

in next attack
port is 1148

well i want to know from this weather my service provider is trying to hack my PC or some one else in the same domain…

Thanks in advance