Is my security set up strong enough?

Hey guys just wondering if my set up is strong enough to stop me from getting any threats on my PC… my set up is:

COMDO Internet security (without CAV) With defense + on clean pc mode
Avira Antivirus
Spyware Terminator (without the antivirus)
Comodo registry cleaner

also i have superantispyware but i chose to start up spyware terminator because of its real time protection.
Am i pretty much safe?
And if any advice please post :wink:

It looks like a good setup to me. Firewall and AV are both top notch. I’m not familiar with Spyware Terminator. I use Malwarebytes on demand occasionally just to check up.

Well, superantispyware has real time protection too, but the setup looks good:) :-TU

Only the paid version, the OP doesn’t mention which version they have :wink:

In my opinion, the configuration of your security policy is quite enough but the question is the environment of your PC is no clear. So please provide more information and I will give you more advice!

Your setup is solid and acceptable enough for security. I notice Comodo Registry Cleaner in your setup, I hope your not using the old old Registry Cleaner! Be sure to check out Comodo System Cleaner if you don’t have it already, the latest and greatest version. :slight_smile:


I was wondering if my security setup was OK.

Comodo CIS 3.11.108364.552
D+ in Safe Mode
Firewall in Custom Mode
AV in Stateful Mode

Cheers >:-D

Ok, i removed spyware terminator, i now have spyware doctor (paid version) this removed alot of ■■■■ from my computer… including a dialer (omg)

i also have the suppressor stuff on… i shall look into that josh thanks for advice :wink:

It’s fine. CIS is designed to be all you need for security. You have a Clean PC and put CIS on it, it will simply prevent or detect any malware coming in.