is my security good enough

atm i use avg antivirus proffesional, comodo firewall (of course), windows defender, google toolbar for pop ups and ad aware for spyware. I did also use spybot search and destroy, but found this messed a few of my programs up ( mainly etomi ), i also use a cable router to network my 2 pc and this has a built in firewall.
ALL of the files that get downloaded are scanned before i open them.

Yes, it seems OK to me (although personally, I also run Anti-Malware scans occasionally). Are you having trouble?

is ad aware not an anti malware scanner also<
what scanning program would anyone sugest i use for malware

Don’t forget about this thread Comodo Forum. Lots of free stuff in there. I picked up several after looking over the thread.

Hi Wilbert,

The only thing I would add is SpywareBlaster, This keeps most spyware from being installed in the first place.

Ad-Aware’s main job is adware & spyware. It does detect some malware. But, that isn’t its main function.

what scanning program would anyone sugest i use for malware
As Rick said, there's probably loads of good stuff under the link he posted.

I currently use… a-squared Free & EMCO Malware Destroyer (right at the bottom, not to be confused with pay Network version).