Is my present setup better than my old one ?

I was previously using ZoneAlarm Free, AVG Antispyware, Prevx, Spybot SD, Ad-aware 2007, Avast antivirus (free), and SpywareBlaster.

After I went thro’’s leak test review, I wiped my system clean, installed XP anew, and the following software:
Comodo Personal Firewall
Avast antivirus (free)
Spybot SD
Comodo BO Clean

Even though i was able to install AVG antispyware, it wouldn’t launch, because GUARD was hanging, so i had to uninstall it and installed a-squared antispyware instead.

Is Ad-aware 2007 really necessary now ?

I’m quite impressed by Defense+ since it is quite customizable unlike Prevx.

Can Defense+ block newer rootkits ?

One thing i liked in Prevx was it used to notify me whenever an application launched or terminated, with a small transparent pop-up on the right side.

Can Defense+ implement that too ?

Keep Ad-aware and Spybot as Backups. Spywareblaster, Comodo BO Clean and your AV are fine.

You need to remember Defense+ uses an Advanced HIPS (A-VSMART: virus, spyware, rookit, keylogger, etc protection), So anything trying to access anything is detected by Defense+.

CFP 3.0 is outstanding… Me? I just choose Comodo Memory Firewall 2.0 (Currently in BETA) and CFP 3.0, But I still use SUPERAntispyware Free and Spybot as backups.

Overall: You are protected and everything is OK.