Is My PC Security Compromised? Looking for Help and Advice


I believe that my PC security might possibly have been compromised or may even be at risk.

To begin with I am using Vista Home, and my current security products include Avast Home, PC Tools Firewall Plus, Spyware Doctor, Windows Defender, Spyware Blaster, and for an on demand scanners I use Malwarebytes Anti-malware and A-Squared Free, as well as Hi-jackThis.

I also use Firefox with NoScript, Ad-Block Plus, World of Trust (WOT), and KeyScrambler.

Last night admittedly for a few minutes I was doing some unsafe surfing, and followed a link which was marked by WOT as red “very poor”. Once on the site I decided in all stupidity to allow access by no script so I could view the content on the web page. It was not very long before I knew it was a big mistake entering the site, and I closed the browser, opened it back up and continued to use the internet.

Approximately 5 minutes later a BSOD appeared on my screen and the computer rebooted itself. Once I was back on, PC Tools Firewall Plus informed me with a message along the lines of “Firewall fire has been tampered with by an outside entity, it has been restored for your protection. You are adviced to scan your system with anti-spyware software.” (Not exact words sorry)

I began to scan and was again hit with the dreaded BSOD, and again the same message appeared from the firewall.

Eventually I was able to run all scanners one after another a few even twice to double check. Avast 2x, Spyware Doctor 2x, Malware Bytes 1x, A-squared Free 1x all came up clean no threats found. HijackThis as well came up clean, according to the site I use to check the logfile.

So why the BSOD? What tampered or attacked my firewall? Is my firewall not cut out for its’ job? Is my security setup lacking or in need of a change? Should I reinstall my OS, and start fresh?

As stated before I worry that my PC Security might have been compromised, and I am wondering if Comodo Internet Security might be a better answer for me.

I came here looking for help and advice on what to do relating to my problem above. After waiting for a response for a week with a little over 100 reads all I can wonder is if any help will be forthcoming from here.
Maybe I posted in the wrong area.

you might have gotten hit with a rootkit, please use a rootkit scanner to see if anything has been added or maybe something actually messed with the pc tools firewall driver. If the driver is the problem, a complete uninstall and reinstall with a cleaning between should easily solve that. Also when you get a BSOD they computer will form a dumpfile, find and post it here maybe someone can help you with that.

Also not to be a @#$%^ or anything but this is in the wrong section and also you came the comodo site asking for help when you are not even running any comodo software. Why don’t you try the pc tools forums, as apparently that is the source of your problems.

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Comodo Internet Security Will Always Be A Good Choice From My Personal Experience

I can vouch for that :-TU

Thanks for the fast responses. Ok based on the advice I got so far I did a root kit scan, and all seems to be clean. However I’m just not sure I can trust PC Tools Firewall plus anymore. So I will install Comodo Firewall and Defense +. I used them in the past with Avast and as far as I know I had no problems. I was hoping for convenience with PC Tools Firewall, but now I’m not so sure that convenience is such a good choice over security.

I have a paid subscription for Spyware Doctor, with the Threat Fire add on enabled. Will having Defense +, and the Threat Fire add on both enabled cause me any problems?

Also does Comodo Firewall or Defense + guard against key loggers, or should I continue to use the Firefox add on Key Scrambler?

Again thanks for the help, and my apologies for posting on the wrong forum.

I don’t think there will be a problem with threatfire and D+ running but you will have to check it out. Also D+ does protect against key loggers you just have to enable it. It is under the D+ tab at the to, D+ settings, Monitor settings, at the bottom you will see the keyboard can be monitored for access.

Well yesterday I got rid of PC Tools Firewall Plus, and installed CIS except the AV component. Right now I’m pretty happy with Avast still.

There does seem to be a problem with CIS and Spyware Doctor though. When Spyware Doctor updates I get several error messages, and then everything I have open crashes. To include: CIS, Spyware Doc, Firefox, basically everything closes out.

I would take a screen shot of the errors if it did not render the computer completely unusable.

For now I have disabled Spyware Doctor. Any suggestions on what step I should take next?

Since keyloggers are now protected against, that part of Spyware Doctor is not required. I haven’t used Spyware Doctor, just to let you know. I myself have installed SuperAnitSpyware. That seems to work fine with CIS.

Well I decided to get rid of Spyware Doctor completely. And so far so good. I’m surprised how much faster my system boots too now that I removed some products.

Thanks for the help given. I really appreciate it. And again I am sorry for initially posting in the wrong area.