Is my firewall working?

When I started my computer this morning, the little Comodo icon appeared at the bottom of my monitor as usual, but it had a red circle with a slash across it sitting in front of it. It’s the same red circle that you see for “no smoking” or “no cell phones.”

I looked all over but couldn’t find why it was there or how to get rid of it. And I also wonder if my firewall is working with that circle in front of it.

I’d appreciate any help. Thanks.


When you see the little red circle there is something wrong. OPen the main screen and go to Miscellaneous → run Diagnostics and see what it reports and if it can be fixed or not.

Keep us posted.

typically this indicates that something didn’t load properly. The main/summary screen or diagnostics may help you identify the problem. Either way, you might try the proverbial “reboot” for Windows… :wink:

I have had this occur a few times, generally around time for an update; after upgrading to new version all was well again.