Is my Firewall protecting anything?

Hi all

This may be a painfully banal question but being new to this product I have to ask. I’m a former ZonaAlarm user and I suppose I’m expecting to see similar learning behaviour as with that program.

When I fist started with that app, most traffic was halted until I gave it the safe label of approval. So far, since I’ve installed Comodo firewall, I’ve not received one security request either for incoming or outgoing traffic. Do I need to change the settings? ???

At the moment, my Defense and Security level is set to Clean PC mode whilst my Firewall Security level setting is set to Safe Mode.

Please let me know if this sounds OK or if I need to change anything. Not sure if I can export a settings file for people to view?

Thanks in advance

With your firewall in safe mode, you will only get alerts for applications that aren’t on CIS’s known safelist.

So if you are using common programs, you may not see any alerts.

If you want to see alerts for every application that tries to connect to the Net, use Custom Policy Mode in the firewall. You can also set the alert level to your liking, if you want to get more detailed alerts.

These can be changed from Firewall → Advanced → Firewall Behavior Settings or the mode can also be switched by right clicking on the Comodo icon in the notification area.

Comodo has a biiiggg white list of safe applications. That is why it is so quiet in default mode.

You can enable balloon messages and see the rules it is learning. That can be done under Miscellaneous → Settings → General. Now you will see the activity under the hood.