Is my Firewall foolproof against uTorrent?

Dear Friends,

After taking some time, as per EricJH reference, I’ve re-configured Comodo Firewall 5.10.228257.2253 based on this Ragwing guide (Option 1):

Attached pictures:

Application Rules - TCP-UDP-IN

Application Rules - TCP-UDP-OUT

Global Rule - TCP-UDP-IN

My question: is the Firewall foolproof against uTorrent intrusions.

Firewall Mode: Custom Policy
Defense+ + Safe Mode
Sandbox: Disabled.

Please respond.

Thank you.

I dont know what you mean with foolproof.

If you allow ingoing traffic (unrequested traffic), i would not say its “proof”.

Perhaps I put this way: is this secure enough against unrequested traffic or say intrusions ???

If the only exceptions for ingoing traffic are tight based on the requirements of a program that you want to use,
it can only be as safe as the program is itself.

Note: You might get questions about ingoing traffic that uses this port. So keep your eyes open what the question window says.
Only allow ingoing traffic when you “know” what that is, and if its necessary.

As of now I’m following as per that guide to allow the uT traffic on a single port. My concern is:

Should I worry less by presuming that the Firewall will block all unwanted requests? In fact it did. Example:

2012-11-23 13:56:18 Windows Operating System Blocked In UDP 50070 51155

Hope you got my point - someone could sneak into PC using uT. This I wish to stop.

Also, should I keep my Defense+ Level as Safe or Clean PC? I’m not clear about this.

If you want to use Ragwings rules, at least use Option 2.
Option 1 doesn’t block your privileged ports.

Personally, I would use pandlouks rules (at the top of the thread).
As Pandlouk said…“if you apply those rules then you must really trust utorrent and all those with which it connects.
I do not trust any program to give it access IN/OUT in every protocol.”

Pandlouks rules is a Predefined Policy which means you can leave your Global rules alone (I leave mine stealthed).

If you switch, make sure to completely delete all your present rules.

I read this line:

“Recommended for additional security, but might cause problems due to some ports being blocked”

Any idea what are the problems like?

I’ll check out this after a while…

If you don’t want to use a ‘predefined policy’, you could use this excellent guide.;msg500592#msg500592

The advantage of using a P2P ‘predefined policy’ (at least for me) is that you can use it for any P2P client you may like to run (they need to use the same port).

Like using the ‘Web browser’ predefined policy for Firefox - Chrome - IE.

Thanks for responding again, BoredNow

I chose “Block all incoming connections and make my ports stealth for everyone” option.

Point is, can I still evaluate this guide ???

Also, are these settings fine:


Firewall and Windows System Applications