Is my CIS installed and working properly?

I wanted to reinstall CIS, so I ran the CIS uninstaller, but I got a BSOD before the uninstall completed. When the computer booted up again, CIS was still running but not working properly (for example, when I tried to run a scan, I got an error) and I couldn’t run the uninstaller again because an error message told me that I can only uninstall installed programs, or something like that.

So I ran the program in this thread Comodo Forum and that seemed to get rid of CIS properly apart from an dialogue box saying something to the tune of ‘CIS has not started correctly’ that came up every time I rebooted the computer.

But I thought there was nothing left to do now but try to install CIS again. So I did, but, during the installation, a dialogue box appeared and told me that something needs to be removed or overwritten from a previous installation (or something like that . . . I didn’t think of noting down exactly what it said at the time, sorry!) So I clicked ok to that message, to let it do what it wanted to do, but it instantly came up with an error message saying something along the lines of the necessary file could not be found (error 2609 or something? 2906 maybe? Again, I didn’t make a note of it.)

However, the installation completed anyway and I’m now updating the virus database, so everything seems to be running smoothly so far. It seems that that hitch mid-way through the installation didn’t have any affect. But ‘seems’ isn’t good enough for me. Having a properly functioning internet-security program is important to me, so I want to know if there is any way that I can check that CIS is fully and properly functioning. Is there any way that I can check this?

It’s just that CIS has been through a lot (uninstalling, not properly uninstalling, uninstalling again using a different method, probably still not being fully uninstalled, reinstalling with errors while seemingly completing the installation correctly . . . ) and I just want to know for sure that there isn’t a loose ■■■■■ somewhere in the background that might make the CIS protection not function properly or protect me fully. To be honest, that’s why I wanted to reinstall CIS in the first place; I unsuccessfully fiddled with removing and readding the antivirus component and I wanted to do a fresh install to make sure it was properly installed. Now I’m less sure than ever!

I usually do a ‘system restore’ to get back to a time when everything was stable.

Or maybe use a ‘system image’

Do you have a system image or restore point dated before you started ‘fiddling’ with CIS?

Yeah, when I was having trouble uninstalling CIS, I was thinking of restoring to an image I made with Comodo Backup. But I was going to use that as a last resort, because, since making the image, I made further tweaks and changes to my computer that I was happy with and, to be honest, couldn’t really be bothered doing again if I restored a backed up image!

So now I’ve got everything apparently running well, including CIS, so I was more hoping that there was some kind of script or utility or something that could check whether everything is a-ok with CIS. Not sure if something like that exists, but I thought it couldn’t hurt asking.