Is my CIS installation on WindowsXP working as it should or is it corrupt?

Is my CIS installation on WindowsXP working as it should or is it corrupt?

  1. Last week I had to reinstall Windows XP because of replacing the HDD. I wanted to save the virus bases but failed to find bases in Scanners folder on disc C (something like b_XXXXX.cav). It simply is not there. Is it actually OK?
  2. Before formatting disc C I tried to uninstall CIS from the list of applications - but un-installation stopped at some moment and it was reported it was unable to finish un-installation!
  3. I did fresh install of winXP and CIS. Imported the virus bases (got them from Linux based OS with Comodo antivirus). Updating was successful but - again there is no virus bases file (as it used to be some time ago) in Scanners folder. I try to run the diagnostic utility – it started the usual way then reported it found problem but unable to fix them and suggested making a report file. I attach the report for your consideration. (CIS version - installed on 13 April 2018)
    Upon the whole CIS seems to be running fine. I cannot complain but may be it only seems to be running OK but in fact it’s corrupt. Could you please share your suggestions???
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The AV bases file is now located in c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo\Cis\signatures
Your install is fine.

Hi, GreySparrowBird.

futuretech is right. We have checked your report and there were no any serious errors. CIS works properly. Also, we have check the issue on our environment (Windows XP) and have the same results - diagnostic failed. We will escalate it to dev team to check and fix it for Windows XP. The issue wasn’t reproduced on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

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Hallo Futuretech and Sergey,
Thank you for the fast and efficient reply. I really did not know the Virus bases file has now a new location. It is so useful to have it stored somewhere when I do a reinstall of CIS. Makes the job way faster.
Thank you for analysing the attached report too. Now I know the installation is OK and and my concerns have beem relieved.
My best wishes to you,
you are doing great job