Is MSNcleaner.exe a virus? [Solved]

Some contacts in msn started telling me that I was sending weird messages an links through chat windows. that made me think I was infected with some kind of virus.

Searching the web I found some people offering a free software called MSNCleaner that was able to clean the chat client and get rid of the virus, so I decided to download it and unzip it, but CAV warned me that it is a virus and sent it to Quarentin. Is it another virus or a FP from Comodo Antivirus?


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What does CAVS Say the malware name is?

As I see on prevx
It is malware,

Most likely to help you solve your issue for your Messenger i would just uninstall it and then install it again upon next reboot or repair it.

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Hi Jacob, thank you for answering my question. CAV gives me the file location in my hard disk, with the following maleware mane: Uclassified Malware@6408680. That´s the thing that makes me think in a FP.

I solved de problem with MSN messenger deinstalling all Windows Live files and reinstalling them again.

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