Is MRT a waste of time and disc space ?

M.$. Security Patches come bundled up with an updated MRT.exe.
I accept this is useful for P.C.s that are only “protected” by a Windows Firewall.

  1. Does MRT do anything useful for those of us protected by the full suite of Comodo CIS ?

  2. If it is deemed worthy of download and auto-execution upon the patch update,
    is it then a waste of disc space there-after ?

I have never been aware of it being executed during a normal daily start-up,
and I have never seen any recommendation to manually run it daily as a substitute for proper A.V. protection.

NB Whilst MRT is doing its monthly scan I remember the bad old days when a Microsoft scan could be a prelude to the system sending back a report on applications it found.
I think users became concerned that it was reporting to the legal dept who had unlicenced Microsoft applications,
and third party suppliers of competitive applications were concerned that it reported to the marketing department upon relative market share so that M.$. could choose what markets to exploit.
I wonder what MRT does with the scan results after it finds nothing malicious to remove ! !
BITS is a service that un-obtrusively transfers files - can it upload as well as download ?
I am a bit like Defense +, Paranoid is good ! ! !


MRT runs one time only and then disables itself until the next issuance. I always let it run. No harm in an additional scan in my opinion.

Thank you Dch48

I had not realised it disabled itself.
I have now manually deleted it without any permissions problems,
so I will now add it to the list of things that CCleaner zaps for me.

I will follow your advice and continue to allow it to download and execute when updates occur.
I assume it is possible that when a security patch is issued to remove a vulnerability that it might be developed too late, and the MRT.exe attempts to remove recent malware that was not blocked before the patch.

n.b. MRT.exe has never reported that it has removed anything malicious. Nice to see that nothing got past Comodo.