is might item source - target mixed somehow?


as i read a few posts (well many :slight_smile: i had the dark idea longer, but as pc things often are mixed,

is target and source operand 180 grades turned or non dymanic vice versa.

this no real comodo only, i knew this since new firewall generation in end 90s.

ifs In source is outside and target me

ifs OUT source is me and target outside.

might just i mix terms, help to get my view.


PS: major block rule split:

ip IN source ANY target me

ip OUT source me target ANY

does block nothing at all ?

and its not comodo fault, other firewall did mixmash it, with start rules OUT first.

important is IN as first, if nothing comes in, nothing goes out :slight_smile:

and yes i know windows tends broadcast trash outside somehow needs attention,

but in normal ip traffic is first IN important.

if we concluse have OUT first, in manner to tradition, then however is target and source not correspandt working.

i dont want turn the world. but have items fixed