Is Matousec transparent to the public?

Since we are trying to make AV-Comparatives more open, I was wondering if

was transparent?

Do AV companies give them money as well?

Does money influence their ratings?

I think it’s apparent, all of these so called ‘testing’ outfits, receive payments - it’s linked to here in other threads. However, whether the payments received have an influence upon their ‘results’ is open to debate/speculation…

They don’t call themselves “independent”
They don’t muzzle AV vendors from revealing the existence of financial relationship.
They don’t pretend that what they do is the most important thing.

Of what I understand they test software for free once every 6 month. if the certain AV- vendor want them to their product they need to pay

matousec - one of the worst testers in business…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Why’d you say that?

You can download the testing suite for yourself to check, unlike Anti-Malware detection rates.

exactly! the ultimate transparency.
Unlike the “detection” tests where they claim it detects this and that, how do you know? None of those detection results are verified- NONE…