Is IVault storage space on local PC or webserver?

Question: Where is the Ivault personal data stored? Is it on local PC or on another server somewhere?

The reason I ask is because I currently use Just1Key which has an annual fee. The nice thing about it is that it stores all your information on a separate server (encrypted) so that you can access it from any computer.

If Ivault just stores on local PC, that would be a great limitation. (I’ll add it to the wishlist if that’s the case.)

Edited to add: I downloaded it and tried it out. Unfortunately, it appears that all the information is stored on the local PC and there is no way to access it from another PC. That’s a major blow to the usefulness of this program.

Well, you can copy the file that contains the passwords to a USB key and then copy it to the other computer if you want to be able to access it on that one.

if you have FTP account u can upload it to your FTP account.


In the real world, how many users need logins, passwords, software serial #s, and credit card numbers to follow them from computer to computer? Not many legitimate reasons I can think of. A user who travels that much surely has the means to buy a notebook, or at least a cheap $25 USB key.

The “encrypted” storage is useless if you are accessing the data via a web page on a computer that is not in your control. All of your “encrypted” data is visibile to loggers and monitoring software.

At least the i-Vault application has attempted to shield the copy/paste and automated login. Not sure as to the effectiveness. But leaving data open to snooping is not safe storage at all.


My specific example is when I go visit my parents in a different state. It’s nice to sometimes have access to passwords at airline sites (to make changes) or to simply just do my normal surfing and have access to forum passwords, email passwords, etc. I trust my parent’s PC as much as I trust my own because I put most of their security products on them.

The same can be said for your own personal computer. Just because it’s “under your control” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s completely safe. In fact your own computer may be more vulnerable because you have a false sense of security. If you are super paranoid about security then the only safe thing to do is unplug from the internet and read a good book. ;D

Exactly. I would trust my brother’s notebook. But, maybe not my neighbor’s.
I would trust Comodo, Verisign, or Thawte storing my personal credentials. But, probably not an anonymous developer who numbers it “Beta v.0.1, unstable”.

I don’t trust books either. Only dogs, babies, and jello. Things without ulterior motives. :slight_smile:

Then cats are definitely out of the question. ;D

My suggestions for improving this product:

  • Firefox integration (absolutely essential to me)
  • Ability to launch a page in the browser and then log in just by clicking on the card.
  • A standard menu: File, Edit etc.
  • Modern, small toolbar icons not the large garish bitmaps it currently uses


Very useful ideas. can u pls put them in the wish list.