is it worth buying full version of superantispyware??

hi all wright now i’m using superantispyware and MBAM as on demand scanners only with no real time protection there i scan about once a week with both. my question is it worth it to buy the full version of SAS and keep MBAM as just a on demand scanner. the price is right on SAS right now its pretty cheap at the moment. anyhow what yeah all think is it worth it or is on demand scanning just as good?.

No frooger…you are running Avast and that is your real time as protection. Just keep doing what your doing.

what about when i update to CIS when it out. should i update it then oh and welcome back Vettetech :slight_smile:

I am not back just poking my head in. CIS has got a long way to go. The anti virus as of right now is extremely poor in detection. Keep your set up of Avast and Comodo. Your current set up will provide you far better protection then CIS ever could. Honestly.

wow i thought there were allot of samples in CIS last i read melih said over 40,000 or something like that. ok well if i ever do update to CIS should i update SAS to proactive defense as well?.

Comodo Antivirus has along haul to catch up to the power of Avast for free av’s.

Unfortunatly 40,000 is not a lot. However CIS really does provide enough detection as an antivirus is well, not as needed as it used to be. Either threats surpass it, or with safe surfing you dont need it. To be on the safeside, use avast and comodo as previously stated.

that sucks i thought i was going to finaly ride myself of avast memory hog lol. i was looking forward to a all in one sweet

Frogger are you nuts. Avast is no where near a memory hog. Its the best free av out there. What planet are you from. Back to your topic. Just use SAS ans MBAM on demand.

Its called a “Suite” not a “Sweet” unless your hungry.

actually i believe melih said it was over 400,000 unique samples not including variants

 As Melih stated, that's a lot of unique malware samples with a focus on current malware.  Still, the other AV vendors have about a million or more, so hopefully CAV3 will catch up.


Don’t buy pro version just make full scan every week with SAS and MBAM. If you haw CIS installed then u haw HIPS protection so u can see if something suspicious is happening.


I’ll drop in my 2 cents…

DON’T BUY THE FULL VERSION! (now you know it ^_^) A good av as avast should take care of it …

about cis : the AV has over 2.500 unique sigs only found by CAVS !!! No other AV catched it on that moment of test. Now, the database has expanded of the 14 october with around 30.000 sigs and it will keep going in the next weeks.

My advise is : If you want to keep the safest way, stay with Avast for 2-3 months, then go to the full CIS.


Hi everyone :

IMHO I think that if you want to be safe, use 3 antispyware programs just in case “never put all your eggs in a single basket”

I think that in some way all the free antispywares are good as the paid ones. Assuming that we use COMODO with D+ enabled why should we have another software with HIPS enabled???

Bottom line : it isn’t worthy to buy a full version of antispyware

MiguelAngelXP (:KWL)

That’s over kill man :frowning: I personally only run Comodo+sometimes Sandboxie, Scan with MBAM once a week… Never find anything. 3 is overkill, Unless you know you have an infection

yea, if you ever do get infected SAS and MBAM are the best places to start. :wink:

OK i won’t buy the full version and will switch in about 2-3 months thanks all for the advise much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi :

Overkill, why, the 8 antispyware I’ve got are on demand only, I’ve got the best results with Ad-aware, AVG antispyware, SD, Spyware Terminator, and with MBAM I don’t find anything, but I keep it just in case… hehehehe

And by the way yeahh, the fact that is I always got a couple of tracking cookies

MiguelAngelXP (:KWL)

You just answered your own question :stuck_out_tongue: “Why is it over kill?” “I Scan with 8 and never find anything”
The benifits will be very minimal… ofcourse they all detect different things… But whats the percentage of the difference? 1%? 0.001% ? Think most people would agree with me is that having 2 high regarded on demand antispywares is usually (99.99% of the time) secure.