Is it working?

Hey, I haven’t had any problems yet. What’s up? Been using the CIS for about 3 weeks. Nothing! Oh, except for all the freed up memory that my old AV needed.

So, this begs the question…does this thing work? lol.

I was happily using avast, and daily it would take a minute or two to upload new stuff, and I could see the cute icon going round and round. And then I’d be short 50 megs of memory till reboot. So I knew it did something.
And, while I was doing anything, that cute icon would go round and round as it checked anything coming in, so I knew it was doing something.
Plus I could look and see what exactly the last file it checked was, no log, but at least the last one (bfd). Again, so I knew it was doing something.

With Comodo’s AV, I’m not really sure anything is happening. I guess I just gotta see if I get hit. Of course, I get notices from the FW and +D (been using for a year), just nothing yet from the AV. And no program probs either…that is weird.

And don’t get me wrong, I don’t want any cute icon’s dancing around anywhere, in fact I got yours static. I left avast’s on cause it was so cute.

And I do appreciate the amount of resources CIS uses. I’ve seen so much worse.

Just wondering… :■■■■

CAVS monitors everything that is executed/saved on your HDD.

If you want to tets CAVS you can DL a malware test file (completely safe).

You’ll get an AV alert as soon as it is DLed. :slight_smile:

Ok, so you say it monitors everything executed and saved, that’s great. I really like the way it behaves, it doesn’t slow my machine down at all. Other A/V’s I’ve used did, noticeably, very.

And I’ll try the eicar test with CIS, so I can at least see what CIS behaves like when it finds something.

But, not much of a test since it knows it’s comin. lol.

I’m a pretty careful surfer I guess, heck, I’ve only had 3 viruses in 8 years (that I know of), so I’m not too worried.


It’s so light on resources because it focuses on protecting the only spots malware could be and doesn’t tack on any other uneeded scanners.

You can also try these email tests.