Is it working well


With Comodo firewall when I take a look to firewall event, there’s nothing !
Before Comodo, I had Zonealram and it blocked thousand of connecion cominf from outside.

How can I know if comodo work well and block intrusion??

Thanks a lot

Hi Madferret99.

Do you have a Hardware Firewall? If you do, you won’t see the Intrusion Count and it is normal.


Hey there (:WAV),

Comodo is created and updated so that it annoys you as less as it can. Normally you won’t get many questions of the Firewall (except of Defense +). But if you want to test it. There are some tests here :

It should be able to pass all…


First of all, I don’t have a hardware firewall
And for the tests in this site : Downloadable Security Tests Web Testing Firewall Security Software
My antivirus Avast block the conexion coz it detect them as a virus (:AGY)

No need for the mad face I have Avast and I can download some of those files. You can also disable Avast for the time being. Are you 100% sure you do not have a hardware firewall. What kind of modem\router do you have? Here is a good test for you to try. You need to allow the test to run for the D+ part then block it using the firewall. Keep clicking penetrate and you will see your blocks go up.

Ok guys, thanks a lot
I tried the last link GRC | LeakTest -- Firewall Leakage Tester   it seems to work

For this one Downloadable Security Tests Web Testing Firewall Security Software i said Avast blocked it
“Vettetech” if Avast didn’t detect these files it means that it’s not working properly (:LGH)

Yes your right but if you want to test them with Comodo then shut down Avast first.