Is it spelled with one or two n's?

Police States R Us?

Following quote from:

“Gou’s company already runs several massive factory complexes in China that operate as small cities in their own right, housing tens of thousands of workers in dormitories and feeding them in cafeterias. IBM Smart City software, meant to make more efficient use of city resources such as water, transportation, surveillance and more, will be used at the factory complexes first, then at a new digital city.”

“The idea is similar to Songdo, which is a digital city under construction in South Korea. The designers are making every effort to make use of the latest technologies to digitize every aspect of life at the city.”

Amazing what people will do when they are hungry.
I wonder how one ends up that hungry?
Hey, how’s the Dow doing today?

…gotta go. I’m gonna watch some old western movie now.