Is it safe?

Is it safe to play online games without the virus scanner and firewall running in the background?

Well no because online games are where viruses appear a lot… I highly don’t recommend doing this, if you need help setting up rules for online gaming then I would recommend that you check HERE because this worked for me.

Your question reminds me of a period of time in my college when we had a nasty polymorphic trojan horse running loose. My friends and I love to play games together by linking up together through either a wireless P2P network or through a switch. One day, a ‘great’ trojan made its way into our network (not really sure how it came about) and started infecting our laptops. It was really weird as most of my friends have AV software installed and they were turn on during our gaming sessions.

As for the firewalls, all of us turn them off as they were a nuisance as they keep on interfering with our ingoing and outgoing ports. Mind you, we have different type of AV softwares (different ppl have different AV software installed on their laptops) but at the end of the day, all of our laptops are infected by that ‘great’ trojan. There were Norton, AVG, Clamshell,… But in the end of the day after every round of Warcraft 3, all of us have to scan our PCs for that trojan. The AVs did detect the trojan and removed them. However, whether or not the AVs removed the trojan completely is unknown.

What puzzled us was how did the trojan spread while the AVs active monintoring was on. Just some food for thought.

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p/s: I hope Comodo have a way of getting around this prob.

I would go on with at least a firewall, if you don’t have CAVS running.

IMHO, about as safe as “closing ones eyes while running with scissors”.

The game does not overtake your PC or internet connection while playing online. With no firewall, no AV, and connected online… I’d give you 20 minutes tops before you’re PC is infected; regardless of what you were using your PC for at the time.