Is it safe turning Do protocol analysis (under advanced/misc) off

As it stops me from getting on the internet. I thought it was my ISP last night.

As it kept on stalling (and wouldnt load websites). I reformatted to see if it would fix the prob.

It was OK until I installed Comodo. And it wasnt until I unticked Do protocol analysis, websites would load properly.

So, is it safe to turn Do Protocol analysis off?? (untick the option)??

Weird idea occurs to me.

Your profile shows you’re from NZ.

Is your ISP ihug?

I just had a perfectly good carefully tuned configuration stop working for no reason last night. Narrowed it down to the firewall, and finally the Packet Analysis setting.

This configuration of Comodo Firewall 2.4 has been working without any issues for months.

My thinking is ihug boffins have thrown some setting which makes incoming packets ‘outside’ normal. Thus blocking all data.

I notice that DNS lookup works, SMTP requests function. It’s the actual loading of pages, or downloading of email that doesn’t work.

Anyone have any ideas. I don’t like my chances trying to convice the helpdesk drones it’s not my fault?

Correct I’m in NZ and with Ihug.

Yup, same here, everything was fine till Wednesday/Thur this week, then I noticed everything came to a standstill.

I rang Ihug 3-4 times to ask if there were any probs. And they said no.

They told me to do this and that (ping them from the cmd prompt, it was fine.).

When this do protocol analysis was enabled, (it was fine prior to Wednesday/Thursday), I couldnt go anywhere or do anything.

Windowsupdate site gave me an error, which meant I had a misconfigured firewall, or a proxy (I dont use proxies).

I couldnt receive emails, and programs that are installed, couldnt / wouldnt update at all.

And the shield thing for XP updates wouldnt appear previously either (but now it does).

It wasnt until I noticed in the logs, this protocol thing was blocking things. When I killed do protocol analysis, everything started to move again!

I even formatted, coz I thought I was the prob. But it wasnt until I reinstalled Comodo, u guessed it, the prob was back (until I disabled do protocol analysis again).

BUT yer, I would say Ihug have done something, they just wont tell you!

So, hopefully unticking do protocol analysis doesnt affect us (there’s 2 of us here), in any way

Or some sh… is gonna hit the fan (with Ihug).


And I thought I was going mad.

I emailed ihug helpdesk with the details, firewall, config, problem. And got back the standard drone answer. As in “You’re a F’n moron, You don’t know s#$%, it’s not our problem, so F#$&* off” (:AGY)

My log file shows that Protocol Analysis is detecting most incoming IP packets as “Fragmented”

I’ll guess you’re the same.

From what I gather elsewhere diabling the Protocol Analysis option shouldn’t really effect the basic security the firewall offers. But it is one less thing working to protect our machines.

And what really bugs me is the white noise ihug have thrown up to avoid admiting they’re screwing around.

I’ll leave the rant at that. Until somebody at ihug coughs I don’t think we’re going to know exactly what’s happened and why.

lol, look whos talking.

Ihug wouldnt know the diff between someones face and someones a$$.

They know its their prob they dont want to admit it.

You can see (from me and u) having probs, and that we’re both on Ihug, they’ve done something!

Yup you’re right, no point talking bout it, if the main culprit is the ISP, who (of course) deny everything!

I know there’s no prob here, as everything up to the end of last week was working fine, and even after formatting (which I thought would fix it, but it didnt), it did the same thing.

And I know it affects Comodo coz if this isnt installed everything is fine too.

Yup it is block fragmented ip datagrams u untick, not do protocol analysis.

Ticking block fragmented ip according to all dots stay green. However unticking do protocol analysis leaves port 0 and 1 open (but closed), whatever they do.

In conclusion.

Everything back to normal. Just fooling with settings having given up hope. Turned everything on, and bingo, working!

Somebody must be listening.

Still want to know wtf ihug did.

Happy until the next catastrophe. (:KWL)