Is it safe to still use version 5?

I’m still using Firewall version 5 (5.12.256249.2599) rather than version 6 because of all the hassle of uninstalling, leftover files, registry entries etc. Is it safe to continue using version 5?

I use the 5th version too. (But full CIS).

Is it safe to continue using version 5?
I think to us yet it isn't necessary being afraid for safety of PC. As long as there are database updates. (AV). [u]Only it is[/u]:
Actually, we are no longer accepting bugs for V5 issues. Version 6.2 is now released on the forum.
Most likely at a forum will report about obligatory transition with CIS 5.

Exactly, my concern too. But not much because I think Comodo free 5.10.x is good enough ???

However, I’ve upgraded Avira free (12 to 13).

Some months ago I read some problems with Comodo 6.0 UI etc. So I chose not to upgrade or update to 5.12 (on Win XP machines only).

Should I plan for 6.2 upgrade or feel safe? ;D

V 6.2 is much more stable than V 6.0 was. My advice would be to give it a chance and see if you like it. If not you can always reinstall V5.

It’s good to read from you, Chiron.

Setting up etc is not a big deal. Fine tuning the Firewall takes a good time (not complaining). Never mind, I’ll give a try shortly then :slight_smile:

If you already have all the rules created for V5 you can use the upgrade installer on top of that installation. It should be able to upgrade you to V6 with the rules intact.

However, I have seen some users have issues with this. So if it doesn’t work correctly I’d recommend reinstalling V 6.2 by following the advice I give in this topic.

Let me know how it goes, and if you have any questions.