Is it safe to pair Avira AV with COMODO AV?

So is it safe to pair these two together. I like to have two very good AV side by side.

No you can’t put two AV’s together. The only time more then one av engine works together is if they are built that way, like GDATA, Trustport, etc.

Ah I see thanks for that advice

There is a technical solution for that. For advanced users for sure.
But I don’t think you’ll win that much. Avira has a very poor update scheme, annoying popups, decreased the protection of the free version to push the paid one…

Avira has no popups if you allow the proper items in firewall and defense+ and block in defense+ the notification popup ad (update, executable, block avnotify.exe).

But, true enough, getting rid of popups is a long job as it goes by allowing in a first time very numerous requests, including those for every avira dll, and can only be achieved by trial and error in proactive and paranoid mode.

Yeah… You need to follow a long journey to block them. I’ve heard CIS can do that. I’ve tried other firewalls and it fails. Just don’t worth even a try for me.

Well, it’s only a matter of some 15mn of (very boring, yes) initial settings.

Now, don’t make me say what i did not: i am still using avira over cis (without av, i strongly agree that no one ever should use 2 resident av) because i didn’t bother to uninstall it, and i don’t believe in any av, call it avira or whatever else you like.

yea I used to use both Avira and CIS AV together and I too blovked the pop up then.

What is worrying CIS 4.1 just allows everything to run instead of asking me for the first time. I have disabled trusting the white list but it seems Avira could run free with CIS.

One can make two antivirus work at same time i tried that with Rising antivirus + Comodo Antivirus, they both seem to work nicely with each other, they did not clash with one another, pc also working at good speed, have a look at the video i made of that.

Some antivirus combination like the way i tried works good, but others will give trouble and can make pc extremely slow, etc.
Mostly for many users having one antivirus is good thing, if one wish to change it, then for example one can use avast, avira, etc. one in a week or so, for that first disable comodo antivirus at that time, then install avast, avira etc. as antivirus update them, make a scan of pc.
As i tested Comodo antivirus is now become so better in handling malwares, it catches malwares missed by avast, avira also, so i dont find need to shift to other antivirus myself.

If you want to run two AV’s together I would say the one I would look at is Immunet Protect, they seems to work fairly good with other AV’s out there. The only problem I have found is that it does not work with CIS 5, yet.

And then… sooner or later… low level drivers will fight to control a file, temporary files get caught by the other antivirus, etc. It’s a bad security approach in my opinion. No legacy antivirus will caught everything. If you want to check, use virustotal… you’ll find the most amazing combinations of detection and missdetections.

Didn’t i read anyhow somewhere, including in the Boss words, that CAV (or whatever other AV) was purely cosmetic, the detection rate and scanning totally irrelevant as protection is supposed to be ensured by firewall and hips?

But i agree with Tech that it is not a reason to replace nothing by twice nothing: the efficiency won’t be any better, as even a conjunction of multiple cloud av fails in real-time detection of all virus in the world, but it most certainly shall at best lower the protection level (thus attaining less than nothing), or at worst crash your system some day or another.

Why do they develop the cloud scanning into the antivirus?
Why would they submit it to av-comparatives?
Purely cosmetic? ???

I use CIS 4.1 Permium with Comodo Av and I can’t say it’s pure cosmetic. I switched to CIS after KIS 2010, before it I used NOD 32, AVIRA, AVAST, so i think i can compare COMODO AV with other vendors. to my mind its detection improved drastically in version 4 and I am sure it can be now in top 10 for sure. I tested it versus many viruses from MDL and in 90% of cases AV component blocked the malware. So I really don’t see any reasons to combine COMODO with other free AV.

Any reasons? ???
What about a better detection rate without running conflicts?

Tech and Adonis, i didn’t say that cav is purely cosmetic: i said that every av is.

Worse opinion… in my opinion ;D

So i guess you don’t use any antiviurs, do you?

Yes i do, by lazyness:

Now, don't make me say what i did not: i am still using avira over cis (without av, i strongly agree that no one ever should use 2 resident av) because i didn't bother to uninstall it, and i don't believe in any av, call it avira or whatever else you like.

But i don’t have any confidence in any av whatsoever.