Is it really necessary to have Windows Security Center monitoring CPF?

Right now I have turned off the monitoring of my firewall because it didn’t recognize comodo as being active. I know how to fix that problem anyway so that is not what I’m asking about. However I’m just curious if it is really important to have WSC monitoring my firewall. I know I have a firewall turned on and working so what difference does it make if windows knows that it is on. What’s the benefit?

There is no benefit to having it on really - it will warn you if the security software is not working but that is easy enough to figure out anyway. I always switch it off these days.


Using French versions, WinXPProSP2 finds out that Comodo( is running :

Which means :

[b]Firewall[/b] [b]Activated[/b] COMODO Firewall Pro is currently activated. A firewall protects your computer from viruses and other security attacks. [u]How do a firewall protect my computer ?[/u]

But I also have some warnings when I open my session, telling me that my computer has no firewall, and the message disappears a few seconds after.
The Security Center Service may be starting before Comodo ?

But as you both say, no big deal, we know Comodo is here (R)

I’ll add to N.T.T.W. (Nancy Timothy Terrence William)'s comment:
Not only is there no benefit in having it enabled, but it can only benefit in having it disabled because:

  1. You free up system resources and might experieince a second faster boot-up
  2. You won’t be confused by it because sometimes it loads up after the security software, thus defeating its intended purpose
  3. You won’t be paranoid by having to depend on its status all the time; this is something you can confirm just by looking at the system tray icon. If the CFP icon is there, then surely it must be running.

Personally, I don’t use the security center, I always know when my security software is off and it just bugs me because it keeps popping up, when I purposely turn off my security software for a moment. So for me, it serves no purpose :slight_smile:

You said it yourself, Mr. Bauer. :wink: You don’t need WSC to tell you you’re secure, you’ll know better yourself. I disabled the service long ago. The little ■■■■■■ will even show a warning if I don’t have Windows updates set to automatic installation.

My CFP 2.4 was also recognized before I disabled WSC, maybe Jack is using v3 beta.


Just open services.msc, find Security Center, and set it to ‘Disabled’.
Congratulations, you now got one less thing to worry about!