Is it really free?

Hi there! I’m responsible for a small network of a study center. After being warned that the internet security software (AV and firewall bundle) we are using right now is about to expire and the management isn’t willing to fork out the cash for a renewal of license i set off in search for a “free for all” kind of software.

The main question is, can i lawfully install CIS in this network (about 10 computers)? Or this is free for “personal” use only. I’ve searched for an answer in this forum and i’m getting some mixed signals. Can someone confirm one or the other?

I’ve been a comodo fan for home use so i never cared about this before. Can CIS really be installed in a small business and/or educational center?

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Hi costa200, welcome to the forums.

CFP/CIS is free for everybody (this includes commercial, government, charitable organizations & educational institutions… anybody).

edit - specifically…


Thanks for your swift answer kail. That’s great :BNC

The existance of a “pro” version made me fear that Comodo had gone the “free for personal use” route…

Ah, no… the Pro bit is a “value add-on” (see CIS’s web page for details).

Enjoy our proudcts Costa200!

its free…