Is it really all lost????

I just upgraded from I don’t know exactly what, 3.0.16 or something like that (downloaded in early January I think) to I’m usually very careful about things like this but had no idea what a mess I was about to get myself into. When given the option to (I obviously don’t recall what it said) convert something to a new format or I believe I wasn’t going to have some new features, I chose yes. I admit I saw that it said I would lose the old config, but my incorrect thought process told me that was because the old config wasn’t going to be needed as it didn’t work with the new format, hence the need to convert it.

Now I’ve lost all the settings I spent so much time getting just the way I wanted. I don’t have that kind of time again to go through all this. I looked in my backed up configurations but think the one I want is gone too. I have one that I recognize as configold, and another that’s named Comodo Config, but can’t be sure that is what I think it is, the old (current) config or the new current config.

I did make a system restore point prior to this. Would it help if I went back to that restore point? Would I get my old config back? I tend to think no but I thought I’d ask.

Can someone tell me how this can be a good thing, to lose a relatively complex set of configuration parameters, without a warning making it very clear it will all be lost? I can see someone upgrading that has a relatively vanilla system. In my case I had dozens of programs blocked from certain IP addresses, no internet access, limited internet access. This really is a huge mess for me and I’m not in the least pleased that the ‘warning’ message that did come up about the update didn’t make it very clear I was about to go back to day one. I can see if I went from 3 to 4 that there might be some significant changes.

I’m frustrated and just want to know if there is a way to get back to where I was. I’ll be happy to uninstall this update if that will help. I might even be willing to update it again if I can take comprehensive notes on how it was, and easily migrate to that. Please give me some helpful advice.


You can try to do a system restore and see if your old Comodo comes back. But not all is lost. 99% of programs out there offer to save old setting or back them up. So does Comodo. Simply go to Miscellaneous\Manage my Configuration and Export your settings. Uninstall Comodo then when you install the new version and after everything is done simple Import your settings. Even if you loose your settings its no big deal. I have around 225 programs on my desktop and laptop both of which I am using Comodo. I was playing around with settings in Comodo and realized afterward I would be better off doing a complete uninstall then reinstall. All my settings were lost but its not th end of the world. Within hours I was back to were I was. I simply manually added all my program and the rest were learned by Comodo.