Is it Real?

From the Mozilla FireFox FTP site, I downloaded (companion to GeckFX, which is the DLL component for developing applications with an embedded Firefox webbrowser)…
Of course I used CIS on the Zip file (~26MB). It found 39 ‘OK’ objects and one object that was not OK. The Results ID’d that object as “Trojware.Win32.Injector.AHSP[at]300429492.” I can find no reference to this anywhere on the web or in the Comodo site (but CIS found and identified it with this name???).
I don’t understand, what’s up with this? Is this truly a trojan in a Mozilla zip file on their FTP site?
If it is, what do I do?
If it is not a virus, is it OK to ‘ignore’ the alert?

please check one by one on VirusTotal and give us a link, we can see obviously what is this or PM a MOD


I will move this to the f/p board.

Can you post the links to the Virus Total result pages? That way the Comodo staff people can check the files to see if they are false positives.

Hi peteyB,

Can you submit detected file at Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis?

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