is it possible with an iphone

well…my old friend asked me if it is possible define:possible - Google Search to lunch a missle or a Space shottle with using a Iphone I said yes, My reasons for saying yes because everything is possible and iphone has internet access

What do you think

to lunch no…I doubt IPhones eat missiles or shuttles :THNK , but to launch definitely yes! Just a wild guess actually…

“Give me a big enough lever and I can move the earth.” I suppose that an iPhone could be used to switch another larger device. Just don’t let me catch you trying to use an iPhone, or cell phone, or laptop while on an airplane. Recently a guy was ignoring the flight attendant’s instruction to shut down his phone. He finally turned it off when he saw the look in my eyes.


what? you want to destroy my asteroid with i-phone missile? (:TNG)

The very first rocket that was launched to orbit had less computing power than a powerful calculators of today. So Iphone has plenty cpu power to launch and control imo.

lol…I thought so…

Overhyped/overpriced/cant take descent pictures/ even if i had willy gates money i wouldnt buy one even if it could be used to start a war!!!

ps i dont like the iphone

Nice 1 Matty

I dont either I just use one to play around <study<