Is it possible to use CIS without updating for a long period? Especially Defence

For example after installing CIS and updating it can I use my computer during half a year (or year) without internet ?
Can I suppress any CIS alerts about updatings ?
Can I update CIS via floppy or via CD or using flash etc ?
Or is there no point in installing CIS ?

Any opinions please.

If you don’t want to use the anti-virus, I guess it is possible to not update CIS for a long time.

To make CIS not connect to the internet:

To update CIS itself, you can put a installer on a flash drive. But to update the virus blacklist, you need to have an internet connection.

if you plan to have no internet connection at all with your computer then I don’t see a point in installing CIS, for you wont have much use in a firewall or the AV.
Though D+ could come in handy, depending on what kind of software you plan to install on the computer itself, as your AV would be out of date.

Yes, because currently there is no way to tell CIS not to attempt to update the virus database.