Is it possible to temporarily disable individual application rules?

I recently installed Comodo Firewall 6.3.302093.2976. I have made a bunch of firewall rules for different applications. I would like to shut some of those rules off temporarily. Right now the only options available to me are:
Add, Edit, Remove, Up, Down, Purge

For example when I am packet monitoring certain applications I would like to shut off COMODO Internet Security, Windows Updater Applications, and Windows System Applications from any outgoing connections so they don’t interfere with the monitoring. Is that possible without removing the rules entirely?

I have a very similar question about HIPS application rules.


One way I’m thinking of, if you already have (application rules) made for these applications you speak of, would be to:

Go to Rulesets, click add, click the handle (use a custom ruleset), click (copy from), (another application), and from there it should show your (custom application rules) along with the ones (predefined within comodo.)

To test this, I would choose (one) of the (custom application rules) from the list, then name it something similar to that specific application and hit OK. This way you are saving these custom rules you have already made in this (Rulesets) Field.

Now if you need to (test), you can go to (application rules), remove the rule for the application you are testing, then when you are finished testing, simply return to (application rules), (add), (use a custom ruleset), (copy from), (ruleset), and pick the named ruleset of the said application and all is re-applied as before.

Setting Hips rules are done in similar fashion.