Is it possible to set a rule up to change firewall setting based on the IP

I was wondering if it was possible to set Comodo firewall to change the firewall security level based on what IP you are connected to. For instance, when at home I prefer the software firewall be shut off but when at work I prefer it to be on. Is there a way to automate this based on the IP or something?

Thanks all.

Is it laptop or desktop?


there is a way for what you are looking for, but it is also a risk, or better, a hole in your rule set then.

imagine this scenario: you have stuff from work on your pc, well protected on work. then you come home and a trojan might be able to send the stuff in the moment when you are connected at home.

a desktop firewall protects you from programs sending things OUT. thats why you should keep it running even if you have a router or whatever.

if you want to solve a problem with your “automation”, tell us what the problem is. that should be fixed… and not by creating a hole in your firewall.

This can be done, be it not very efficient.

  1. create two security profiles, and manually switch home/work

  2. create a firewall profile that has specific rules for double Source IP’s.

  3. Using More, Manage My Configurations you can export your current profile and import it as “work or home” and set the firewall to disabled, remember to switch the security policy when needed. It can be accessed from the Systray icon.

  4. Giving every application firewall rule 2 SOURCE IP (instead of ANY) rules one for your home IP/range allowing Any out and one for work IP/range restricting the application as desired.

This will allow the application to act freely if your Source IP is in the “home” range, and restricted in the “work” range…