Is it possible to pay to get better speed?

I am using trustconnect as a part of CIS complete. I see in my account that I am on a 10GB plan. I know that the speed is around 2-3 mbit. I see that I have an option to upgrade to “UNLIMITED” for 49.99 or “50GB” for 49.95.

Am i missing something or do UNLIMITED mean that I can use it as much as I am capabale of all month? Why is there this small difference in the pricing from the 50 GB plan to the unlimited plan?

And then to the subject question. Is it possible to pay for some extra speed from the servers? I have a fiber 10/10 mbit from my internet provider. I know that when I use trustconnet today I will get in average 1mbit. Is it possible to get anywhere near my original line?

The speed limit is due to the openVPN protocol. TrustConnect is intended first of all for safe and confidential e-mailing, banking etc. on insecure public access points, where connection speed is not critical.