Is it possible to make your PC invisible (to the net) when...

Is it possible to make your PC invisible (to the net) when you’re using let’s say a FTP server?

To use FTP server correctly you must allow some incoming ports but that makes it possible for scans to detect an open port (usually 21), so I was wondering is it possible to do so that let’s say my friend could connect to my FTP (cuz I give him my IP), but at the same time it won’t be detected on port scans (or other scans…if there are any)? I could add his IP to the rules, but what if he changes them often (for example let’s say he likes to travel) ?

We all allow some ports to be open when we use ICQ to recieve files or P2P network or skype etc, so our PCs aren’t “completly” invisible \ stealth. Anything I (we) can do about it?

Also, do 2 allow ICMP in rules created by Stealth port wizard (3rd option) impact PC’s stealth?

It may sound a bit paranoid but I am just curious. ))

If you need to allow inbound access (e.g FTP) you need to have a port open - there’s no way around that.

All I can recommend is that you set up your FTP server to use a non-standard port (preferably an ethereal port above port 1026) but you would need to let your downloaders know what port you have assigned to your FTP server.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks, i’ll change the ports then.