Is it possible to install/download Comodo firewall+hips+sandbox separately?

Hello, everybody. It has been quite a time when I was on these boards, I have several questions: Is it possible to install/download Comodo firewall+HIPS and possibly sandbox without antivirus?
I really don’t need the entire package, just these above mentioned, and would the memory usage be less than with the entire package?
Because I always somehow felt that the memory usage of the entire package wouldn’t be different than with its parts.
That’s because today I was infected with 11 trojan-droppers, one hijack something, and 4 nasty rootkits (MBR rootkits), so basically I need protection from the net (yes, I managed to solve the problem, but barely).
Thanks to all.

Yes. I would assume memory load would be lower.

You can also download the whole suite and just choose the Firerwall during installation. If you ever wanted to install the AV, you would just choose it from the menu and it can be added later.