Is it possible to install Comodo on external hard drive?


Is it possible to install Comodo on an external hard drive? I presume the fact that the external drive does not have an OS may be a problem…and Microsoft won’t allow me to install an OS on an external hard drive for some reason…

I run an ecolodge resort in Laos and want to be able to scan the computers guests use for the Internet using Comodo because it seems to be the best thing out there and often finds things other scanners do not. While I understand how Comodo works and can deal with the popups about weird-sounding unknown files, I doubt the average guest would have any idea what to do and would just click Allow to everything which obviously is quite dangerous! As a result, I can’t just install Comodo on those computers and would like to be able to carry my external hard drive over to them and scan them from that.

I could install it on them and then uninstall it every time but the initial update of over 100 MB takes ages on our Internet connection so that’s not really practical.

Thanks in advance for any help.

CIS is not available as a portable application. Check this link:

Hope this helps